Holly Jolly

From Holly Jolly To Holy

From Holly Jolly To Holy Has the good cheer and the holiness of Advent and Christmastide been lost in the busyness of the season? Then this devotional book is for you – and for everyone who wants to reclaim this time as sacred and joy-filled.

Nicholas of Myra movie

Nicholas of Myra: The Movie

This new movie will bring the story of Saint Nicholas, with his selfless generosity, to the general public—a public that has largely forgotten or never knew his inspiring saga. Nicholas of Myra is for every time, all ages, and those of every creed. It will leave no doubt that Santa Claus is for real, and…

Selected Hymns

Hymns and Songs

HYMNS AND SONGS http://www.stnicholassociety.com/Hymns/index.htm Selected hymns: ST NICK AIR TUNE: danny boy Each year we celebrate with joy the coming Of that great Saint of old we love so dear His legends are the stories we all cherish They call to mind that Christmas now is near Chorus: O great St Nicholas, we hail and…

Office Prayer

Office Prayer

A Little Office of St Nicholas (Prayer Service) A SONG OF SAINT NICHOLAS There was a good bishop who lived long ago His memory is glorious, His legends are bold We call him St Nicholas, a servant of Christ Who loved little children and taught what was right He is Father Christmas and Santa Claus…

St Nicholas Rosary

St Nicholas Rosary

St Nicholas Rosary The custom of praying the rosary has proven of great value in the lives of Christians throughout the ages. In some traditions the recitation of the rosary involves meditation on the life of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Prayers are said including the traditional “Hail Mary” or in some places “The…

The History of St Nicholas

The history of St Nicholas

Nicholas was born in Patara around 300, became bishop of Myra, and died around 350. Only these basic details are known to history, but legends abound concerning the life of the saint. A much-embellished hagiography (life of the saint) was written by Simon Metaphrastes in the 10th century. St. Nicholas is said to have been…

12 St Nicholas Churches

Top 12 St Nicholas Churches

St Nicholas Society’s President, Dr Jim Rosenthal names his top 12 favourite St Nicholas Churches: St Nicholas Church, Chiswick, London St Nicholas Church, Ellestree, Herts St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas at Wade St Nicholas Church (RC), Prague St Nicolas de Port Basilica (RC) Lorraine, France Chapel of Our Lady and St Nicolas, Kings College, Cambridge…