This page contains a collection of Prayers and Hymns relevant to the saint.
Mary and Child


Let us be like him in all he did For Christmas we prepare For in Bethlehem we now can see Jesus, his Mother’s care As we celebrate this season bright As children of the light St Nicholas we cheer!    

Selected Hymns

Hymns and Songs

HYMNS AND SONGS Selected hymns: ST NICK AIR TUNE: danny boy Each year we celebrate with joy the coming Of that great Saint of old we love so dear His legends are the stories we all cherish They call to mind that Christmas now is near Chorus: O great St Nicholas, we hail and…

St Nicholas Rosary

St Nicholas Rosary

St Nicholas Rosary The custom of praying the rosary has proven of great value in the lives of Christians throughout the ages. In some traditions the recitation of the rosary involves meditation on the life of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Prayers are said including the traditional “Hail Mary” or in some places “The…