Holly Jolly

From Holly Jolly To Holy

From Holly Jolly To Holy Has the good cheer and the holiness of Advent and Christmastide been lost in the busyness of the season? Then this devotional book is for you – and for everyone who wants to reclaim this time as sacred and joy-filled.

Another Visit from St Nicholas

Another Visit from St Nicholas

Another Visit from St Nicholas as told by James Rosenthal On the fifth of December, the children aware, The cities and villages were ready with care, To see good St Nicholas arrive to impart The gifts and the good things that all warm our hearts He comes in December, his presence we hail The stories…

Childrens's story

Children’s story

Story by James M. Rosenthal Illustrations by Max Blake It was December 5th and, as is so often the case in the north, the weather was absolutely dreadful. Freezing cold winds were blowing and great mounds of snow covered the streets and parks of the city. For the children at St. Mary’s School, it was…